Custom restorations - Complete MEchanical Overhauls

Out of State? Not a Worry. We’ve worked with customers from over 20 different states and few awesome provinces. Customers as far away as Alabama, New York, North Carolina, and Alaska have transported their beloved vans to us for an extended stay at our shop. When completed, you get an awesome road trip home starting in one of the best locations in the US - Seattle, WA. Depending on what you spend, we might even spring for the ticket out to pick up. Ask :)

We call it “The Art and Science of Vanagon Restoration”. What it is, is a complete overhaul of your beloved Vanagon to bring it into the modern era and give you a reliable, well performing, safe and fun vehicle to take you on countless adventures over the coming years.

We start with a full vehicle inspection to give you a complete baseline of where your van is at and what the likely roadmap ahead looks like. From that 4 page, 100 point inspection we work with you to scope the extent of your restoration. Presently, our full restoration services stop at the mechanical and light body and paint work. Light body and paint work is typically scoped to rust repair around the windows (including windshield) and pop top restorations (including paint, new tent and all new hardware).

The usual list includes:

  • Power Plant Overhaul: Rebuilt WBX, Subaru EJ25 or VW Inline 4

  • Full Suspension Rebuild: Poweflex all the way around, upgraded shocks and springs, sway bar and lots of other things which can completely change the road feel and stability of your van.

  • Brakes: Often the time to upgrade to a “big brake” system

  • Transmission: A full rebuild - addition of a Limited Slip Differential for non 4WD vans

  • Camper System Overhaul: Modern battery system and solar, new fridge, propane powered heater. Upholstery overhaul possible as well

  • Exterior Add Ons: Bumpers, Wheel and Tire packages, VanagonLife goodies, and tons of other great options

Most restoration projects touch every major system: fuel, engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and electrical. We source the best parts, vet the latest upgrades, use proven processes and techniques and deliver an impeccable finished product to you. We normally do a minimum of 300 miles for “Shake Down” so when you pick up, you’re truly ready to drive home and enjoy your van.

These projects typically take between 3 and 9 months to complete and in a normal year we will take on 6-12 of these a year. The slots are limited so if you want the absolute best Vanagon team in the US to work on your van, give us a call or send us an email to get started.

Some Recent Examples (dozens more available upon request):

baxter 3.jpg

Doug B., Juneau, AK

Doug came to us from Alaska with his newly purchased Syncro Westy. While the van was already in excellent condition, Doug wanted a worry free vehicle at home in Alaska and one with the power and modern conveniences to enjoy weekends out in the wilds. We rebuilt his entire suspension, installed a new Subaru EJ25 motor, rebuilt the transmission and overhauled his interior including a camper system overhaul that upgraded his house battery system, fridge and lots of other fun bells and whistles. Apart from the occasional photo from Doug, we haven’t heard from him in 2 years which while me miss Doug is what you want to see - no issues, no needs to call us.

Back Home.jpg

David G., Boston MA

David came to us with his newly purchased van out of Bozeman, MT. After buying it, he drove 2 days straight and dropped it off with us for 6 months. Together we scoped a project that would completely overhaul the van and be ready for his entire family to fly out and take a 6 week road trip back east. The work was significant - a full interior restoration, brand new AC system, Subaru EJ25 and tons of other upgrades. The van was waiting for them when they arrived and away they went. While we can’t help David from across the country, fortunately he’s needed very little support post-restoration. The few times he or his shop did have questions we were instantly on the phone and available. Safe Travels David and Family!

If you are thinking about a full Vanagon overhaul, give us a call or fill out the form below. Someone from our team will get back to you and start the process