We do it all, from the simplest oil change to the most complex engine swaps.

We work with all types of owners, from brand new owners to people who bought their vans new from the dealer in the 80s. We treat every project, customer and interaction with respect, from the smallest brake job to a full restoration.

We offer complete interior and exterior services, including new upholstery, new lighting, upgraded camping equipment, and a whole slew of options for the exterior of your vehicle. It's important to us to know your goals and wishes for your vehicle, and our our comprehensive inspection service can help you understand what the future likely holds.

But, we are about much more than “restoration”. We have a dedicated staff, deeply experienced in the day to day maintenance of your Vanagon. From addressing chronic runability issues to identifying that pesky water leak to eliminating once and for all that annoying electrical gremlin - we do it all, and we do only that every day.

Our staff is hand-picked for their dedication and expertise on these vehicles. And we love them as much as you do... every member of our team owns and drives one - sometimes two or three.

A Few Myths About Peace Vans We Want To Dispel

- "You're always too busy".  Actually, it's usually no more than a week wait and Eurovans are even easier to schedule (often the same week)

- "You only work on giant, fancy, restorations". Nothing is further from the truth.  While we do a few high-end restorations a year, most our work is standard, local, maintenance style

- "You are expensive".  We have benchmarked our competition and we are not the most expensive but certainly not the cheapest.



For a comprehensive understanding of the state of your vehicle, start with our Inspection Service. This is an excellent starting point for new vehicle owners, anyone who has not had comprehensive service on their vehicle in several years. If you haven’t taken a holistic view of your van in the past 5 years, you should consider this inspection service


We work with you and within your budget and timelines to undertake a complete overhaul of your Vanagon’s mechanical and camping systems. Learn more here

Camper Systems

Make the most of your time out camping with new battery sytems, modern refrigerator, LED lighting, awnings, heaters and more 

Expert Service

Peace Vans employs some of the best Vanagon mechanics this world has ever seen. Truly. From Jason Newton to Ben Jones and a killer supporting crew - this team has seen and done it all hundreds of times. They know the ins and outs of these vans like nobody else.


At Peace Vans, we've done a lot of thinking about the best upgrades and refinements for your vehicle. From engine conversions to body paint to special touches for camping and comfort, we have you covered.

ENGINE COnversions

The heart of your vehicle. When it's time for a new engine, we love helping customers decide on the best option for them, including a custom built air-cooled engine, a rebuilt Waterboxer, inline 4-cylinder, 2.0L gas motors, or the Subaru engine.

Exterior Upgrades

We can make the outside of your van look incredible. But we can also make it extremely functional. From new bumpers, to larger wheels and tires, roof racks, swing away systems, headlight upgrades, SA Grills and so much more.

Camping and Comfort

This is where you truly make your vehicle yours. We can help procure and install all sorts of fun big and little items to make your camping experience a better one. Check out our options for things like cold fridges, hot heat, extra house battery power, interior details, wheels and tires, and more!



We exist to help you have the time of your lives in your Vanagon. Our mission is to keep you (and your family, pets, loved ones, and other precious cargo) happy, safe, and on the road. We offer a comprehensive, modern, fully staffed repair and restoration shop to provide any level of service you might require. And we maintain a healthy, safe, and supportive workplace for our employees while doing it.



Our staff is hand-picked for their dedication and expertise on these vehicles. We believe in the homage that if your employees are happy, your customers will be. And we go to great lengths to create a safe, productive, and progressive work environment.  


Our business depends on happy customers and we are proud to say we have many of them... Hippies keeping the bus alive, passionate outdoors types who love their vans, retirees who wouldn't be caught dead in an RV, and a whole new generation seeking the #vanlife experience.  


Our customers and potential customers ask us a ton of good questions. We've consolidated the most common questions and answers here as a starting point. Have a look around, and then don't hesitate to contact us to chat further!