Wow - this one has been a long time coming. 

24 years to be exact.

When VW stopped bringing the T4 model (AKA the Eurovan) into the US market in 2003, a giant, yawning gap started to open.  For the first 5-10 years, this lack of a garage-able, daily driver-able, camper van wasn't that big of a deal. The T3 (Vanagons) were still plugging along and felt modern enough for people, there were lots of Eurovans on the used market, and there was persistent and hopeful rumors of VW bringing their newest European iteration (the T5 and later the T6) into the US Market.  

Alas, here we find ourselves, late into 2017 and there is still nothing in the market like our beloved Vanagons and Eurovans.  We look across the ocean and drool at the options in Europe and wonder "why??!  please can we have one?".

As ridiculously passionate participants in this "small footprint" camper van market, we - too - ponder that question every day.  VW is not going to bring the T5/T6 into the US Market (the reasons for this have to do with tax, compliance, tariffs, global auto manufacturing consolidation, VW balance sheet, etc.) and their perpetually emerging promise to bring to market an electric micro bus being is just that - a marketing ploy they roll out every year at the Detroit Auto Show.

We all see the super cool Marco Polo and Westfalia conversions in Europe and we drool and say "why not here".

Simply put, we had to do something.

For the past 18 months we have been working with a series of suppliers from Europe and the US to create a compelling, compliant and cool solution. Starting in November, 2017 we are excited about bringing to market a modern camper van built on the Mercedes Metris platform. Yes, we are doing Mercedes Metris camper conversions.

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