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3 Exciting Conversion Options For You

Just a Pop Top

We will install the pop top and bed in your Metris and turn it back to you do whatever you want.  If you bought a Passenger Van, you have the ultimate mini-van with dual slider doors, Mercedes performance and safety and a pop top plus whichever seating configuration you purchased (3 seats across one bench, or 5 seats w/ two benches).  Keep in mind, if you ever want to go further with your conversion, you must start with a Passenger Van to end up with a Weekender, and a Cargo Van to end up with a Full Camper.



This is the classic VW "Weekender" package.  We take your Mercedes Metris Passenger van and put a pop top, a rear seat that seats three and folks into a perfectly flat bed, and few other nice touches (e.g. a table that connects to the base of the rear seat face, finished trim work, expanded USB and 12V power outlets, and a pull out storage drawer under the rear seat). 


Full Camper

This is it.  The real deal.  The awesome pop top.  A full set of cabinets along the driver side with sink, refrigerator, cooktop, lots of neat little cabinets.  Rear seat with seating for three that folks flat into bed.  Drawer under seat.  Table and much more.  Van has plenty of USB/12V outlets and custom lighting in all the right places.  Also included are 4 pieces of window glass - two operable windows in the sliders, and two fixed pieces in the rear quarter window areas.