About the Job


Peace VAns Social Media Manager

Peace Vans is actively seeking a part time social media manager to help us manage our social media properties.  This is a part time gig and compensation is in the form of free van rentals, services on your van or similar.  For special projects or over and beyond the normal, some financial compensation can be sorted out.  But the main role of managing, growing and energizing our social media presence is not a paying role.

Given it's not a paying role, we are open to ideas of the best way to manage this.  At a minimum, we'd like to grant you access to all our content - both what we've created internally and what users provide - and have you begin leveraging that via instagram, facebook and other platforms as deemed necessary.

NOTE: We do have a need for a full time seasonal role helping manage our rental business.  This runs from May through September and IS a paid gig.  We think the person who takes that job could take on these tasks or vice-versa.  Make sense?  To  learn about that job, visit www.peacevansrentals.com

We are passionate about our brand and our brand voice and seek someone who "gets us" and can channel us.  We are well loved across our audiences and want to maintain and deepen those relationships.

We strongly prefer someone local to Seattle who can come into the office and generate some content locally for us.  Also, extra points for folks with a strategic bent who can bring fresh and creative thinking to these channels.  This would be a small part of the job.  Most of the work can be done remotely.

As part of the "compensation" the rental fleet and equipment is basically at your disposal to take some road trips of your own.  Also, as a FOS (friend of the shop), there are myriad other benefits.

Also, we have a need for some video production which could fall under the "paid" portion of the role. 

To apply, send an email to us with samples, a cover letter, some thoughts, etc.  We tend to reply to thoughtful, original email inquiries.  We'd like to get someone started ASAP.