Whether your vehicle is brand new to you or you've owned it for 40 years, being deeply grounded in its current state is critical. To help with that process, we have designed a series of custom inspection services for all the vehicles we work on - Vanagons (air- and water-cooled), Eurovans (5- and 6-cylinder models), and older busses (bay windows and even splitties). 

Our Inspection Service is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your vehicle. We spend up to 4 hours and inspect every system, including a substantial test drive to gather qualitative date and get an overall "feel" for the van. Following the test drive, the technician evaluates the vehicle system by system.

At the end of the inspection process, you will have a very detailed picture of your vehicle. Our service writing team will review the report with you in detail, spending as much time as you'd like - some customers spend 90 minutes, some spend 10 minutes; it depends on the van and you. You can choose to schedule some work immediately, plan some out for the future, or just sit with the new knowledge you have. Regardless, you will have a complete roadmap for the next 5-10 years of ownership and a realistic picture of the investments you need to make relative to your goals.

We are able to do 2-3 of these a week and they are not available as a "buyer's inspection" - they tend to need to be scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance. 




  • Signs of smoke at start up and while driving
  • Alignment issues
  • Steering looseness
  • Suspension feel
  • Various brake tests
  • Proper shifting of gears
  • Ease of shifting
  • Clutch pedal play - condition of clutch tested for signs of issues
  • Proper idle
  • Acceleration
  • General ride report


  • Even wear - cracks or damage
  • Proper tire pressure
  • Removal and inspection of rear drums, drum shoes - check for proper wear (adjusted properly)
  • Hydraulic wheel cylinders
  • Brake hardware
  • Emergency brake - adjustment and condition of cable
  • Brake and fluid Inspection:
    • Condition of fluid - water content, debris, and color
    • Front brake pads - calipers and rotors
    • Front wheel bearings
  • Front suspension components - upper and lower control arm bushings, ball joints, and tie rod ends
  • Steering rack, boots and mounts
  • Front suspension - check all suspension components for signs of failure


  • Check for leaking seals - governor and trans output shaft seal
  • Check fluid level and condition
  • Shift through all the gears
  • Fluid level of trans axle and condition
  • Output shaft seals and CV axle shaft seals
  • Linkage adjusted and lubrication
  • Transmission mount
  • CV boots and clamps


  • All fuel lines are inspected (we only use the best quality Good Year hose; no braided hose used here)
  • Supply lines, return lines, injector supply lines, and all clamps
  • Fuel pump mounting


  • Coolant pressure test (any leaks in the system will show with this test)
  • Coolant level
  • Proper coolant utilized (we do not use phosphate coolant)
  • Coolant hoses, hard pipes, and all clamps
  • Coolant distribution and thermostat housing
  • Verify proper function of radiator fan coming on and at correct temperature
  • Verify coolant warning light is working properly
  • The sign for hard pipe failure is to remove the rubber hoses from hard pipe - we suggest doing this procedure when the cooling system must be opened to avoid the burping process


  • Check oil level and condition
    • Verify proper filter being utilized (important)
  • Check for oil leaks - rear main seal, crank pulley seal, push rod tube seals, head gasket leaks, etc.
  • Inspect all belts
  • Hoses
  • Spark plug wire condition
  • Cap and rotor inspection
  • Spark plug inspection (this gives a lot of information if they are well worn)
  • Fuel mixture reading test taken
  • Leak down and compression test to determine overall condition of motor


  • Emergency brake function
  • Lights
  • Flasher
  • Horn


  • All camping systems test and evaluated


  • 2WD Vanagon with a stock motor $289
    • 4WD vans are an additional $100
    • Vans with a non-stock motor are an additional $100
    • Camping systems included for an additional $100



'We knew we wanted a Westy, but we had no idea where to start. We called Peace Vans, and even though they don't sell vans, they were incredibly helpful walking us through the process. Harley even toured us through their entire shop, showing us different examples of vans, pointing out features and things to be on the lookout for (rust!), and giving us an idea of price points.

That visit empowered us to test drive different vans, and when we bought ours just outside Portland, our first stop (after an inaugural camping trip!) was Peace Vans for an inspection. As new owners, we wanted to have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical systems and what our service priorities were. Peace Vans spent a tremendous amount of time with us reviewing their report, and we were able to take care of the urgent service items while also planning a road map for the next several years.

We've owned our van for 3 years now, and thanks to the information from the Peace Vans inspection, we haven't broken down once! These vehicles are vintage, but that's not a reason why they can't be reliable and mechanically sound.' - Kellie and Matt, Seattle, WA


Our inspection service for Eurovans involves completing the next factory recommended service for your vehicle. During that process we will evaluate your van, and our service writing team will verbally summarize the condition and any future work needed for you. This service costs between $500-1,200 but usually includes several major service items being completed (e.g. tune-up) in addition to the inspection.  This approach gives us the chance to go deeper on your Eurovan than a normal mechanical service.  


We offer a comprehensive inspection service for VW buses as well. It's based on the Vanagon outline above but modified for the custom features of a bus.  Depending on the model year, it can be either a three page or four page report we generate.  Regardless, you can rest assured we have gone through everything on your bus and can provide a comprehensive read out to you.  The price is $289.