When it comes to extra battery power for extended off the grid camping, the answer is usually, 'more, please!' 

The stock set up is limiting because very little battery power can be safely operated from under the drivers seat. We've spent years prototyping and installing different systems. After watching them run in the wild with ZERO issues for over two years, we made the leap to offer them to all our customers. Get yours now!

The Peace Vans Battery Solution

The system starts with a custom fabricated battery tray - high grade steel, powder coated, and made here in Seattle. We install the tray in the negative space between the frame rails on the passengers side of the van. The tray tucks in perfectly and we maximized the size of the tray so you can put a 160aH true deep cycle battery in.

We use heavy gauge wiring, all properly treated and heat shield protected, to wire the battery up to a series of electronics inside your van. Our custom system allows your battery to smartly switch between shore power (from the plug on the side of your van), solar (or wind), and your van's alternator.  


  • 160 aH of juice
    • Depending on your usage pattern, this can be enough for well over a week off grid
    • Or add a solar panel and call it done - no need to ever plug in!
  • Tested and proven in all climates
  • Top-end electronics to control and manage the system. No shortcuts taken on the components